Smoking During Sex 8

Smoking During Sex 8

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Models Elizabeth M LawrenceEmma ButtHannah ShawHavana SinPaige Fox
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Scene 1:
Heavy smoker Havana Sin just loves to smoke as she gets fucked. Smoking corks 100's cigarettes, Havana demands to be fucked harder and deeper as she inhales on the cigarette. She gives a smokey blowjob, lays back for oral, gets fucked in two positions, all to be topped of by a steamy smokey cum shot right in her smokey mouth. Havana's smoking is so sexy with amazing open mouth inhales

Scene 2:
Sexy Australian Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence is one hell of a hot smoking pornstar. She smokes strong Marlboro Red cork cigarettes as she takes a fat cock into her mouth and swallows it deep while wanking the shaft, then she has her pussy eaten and clit sucked on. Lying back taking long drags on her cigarette she takes the big meaty cock in her little pussy and gets fucked hard, moaning as her big tits bounce up and down. Then the little brunette takes a pounding doggy style, her wet pussy squelching as she reaches her climax, finishing with a smokey blow job and a huge cumshot over her massive breasts. Non stop sexy smoking in this scene as Elizabeth has hot smokey sex

Scene 3:
Busty Emma Butt smokes strong Marlboro reds 100's cork cigarettes while she has smokey interracial sex. Emma's smoking is amazing with strong smoking, french and open mouth inhales that drive you crazy and the glimpses of her tongue piercing are sexy as hell. Ive never seen a girl so at ease with a cigarette in her hand and mouth and has to be one of the best if not the best smoker ever to appear here. Emma is wearing a basque with fishnet stockings as she lights up her strong cork cigarette then in walks her hung black guy and she starts sucking that big black cock with lots of open mouth inhales, Emma then gets her pussy licked as her smoking gets more intense, she then pushes his head deeper into her pussy as she gets wetter and wetter. Emma then gets fucked doggystyle by that long thick cock and her pulls on her cigarette get longer and longer with deep inhales as she is in ecstasy as her pussy gets pounded hard. Emma then rides that big black cock and slams her pussy hard onto that big black cock as she smokes and smokes. Emma then wants that creamy cum as she milks his cock with her hot smokey mouth and she receives a huge load of cum in her mouth as she continues to take long pulls from her cigarette with all that cum in her mouth. This is a great smoking update and Emma's smoking is a must see as well as her great cock taking skills, enjoy

Scene 4:
Paige Fox walks in all ready to go out and looks so elegant and sexy, she wants her boyfriends attention but he is too busy reading so Paige starts smoking her long cork 120's cigarettes as she knows that will get his attention. Paige is very horny and wants some naughty fun before she goes out and her boyfriend gets so turned on by her sexy smoking he starts licking her pussy as she smokes her long cork cigarettes, Paige then pulls his pants down as she dangles her cigarette then starts sucking on that huge black cock. Paige loves to blow her smoke all over that cock and swallow that cock deep into her warm smokey mouth. Paige then bends over and gets her pussy pounded by that long, thick black cock and she gets fucked real deep as her smoking style gets more and more intense, Paige then gets fucked in spoons position as her pussy gets wetter and wetter and her long pulls and big open mouth inhales get even better. Paige then has her pussy licked while she sucks the guys cock in 69 position and she blows more and more smoke over his cock and sucks him so hard trying to get that cum, then he cums real hard all over the place. Paige's smoking style is very strong with long drags and thick exhales with a mix of open mouth inhales, snap inhales and her smoke rings are just perfect. A very very sexy smoker and real hot movie

Scene 5:
Horny pornstar Hannah Shaw needs a serious fucking. Lighting up a Fine 120's cork cigarette, Hannah rouses her guy by blowing smoke in his face as he sleeps. Waking up with a hard on, Hannah gives him a sexy smokey blowjob to get him in the mood. He soon puts her on her back and finger fucks her throbbing wet pussy all the time she is smoking. Throbbing for his cock, Hannah lights up another cigarette as he slides his cock deep into her pussy. Pulling hard on her cigarette, groaning as she exhales, Hannah is fucked deep and hard. After all her excitement and pleasure, Hannah gives him another smokey blowjob and then rolls onto her back waiting for his spunk. Shooting his load into her mouth, she then continues to smoke her cigarette feeling the hot steamy smoke mixing with the cum in her mouth
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