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All DVD's are sent in a discreet plain package with just your address on the front

Smoking-Models 21

Smoking-Models Volume 21 Smoking-Models Volume 21
Volume 21 features 9 smoking models and they are all in real life smokers. The gorgeous Terri Marquez is a top model and she won the top tv show Beauty and the geek. Terri is a real heavy smoker as you can see by her super thick exhales and loves to do smoke rings aswell. Philipa is another top model and party girl aswell and she is also a heavy smoker. Philipa does very deep drags with a mixture of snap inhales and closed mouth inhales. She has been smoking since an early age and is great at blowing smoke rings. The beautiful Simone Linsell is back and her smoking is getting heavier and heavier by the shoot. A huge improvement in smoking style since the last shoot. She is a real beauty and amazing to watch such a beautiful girl looking even sexier smoking. The popular Holly Newberry is back aswell and it was great to see her new open mouth inhales style with other mixed styles aswell. Holly is another real sexy girl and looks so sexy when she smokes. Felix is just 18 and a very sweet smoker, nice mixture of styles. Naughty Ness is the heaviest smoker I have ever filmed and a real sexy girl. Ness normally smokes super strong Embassy No 1's and her drags are so deep, her mixture of inhales are amazing with every style done perfectly and her thick exhales and smoke rings really take your breathe away. Vanessa Upton and Emily Clark are back for more smoking and they got a bit sexy with some hot smoke swapping. Kayla Fox is another new heavy smoker with deep inhales and thick exhales

Running Time: 2 hours and 20 Minutes Long



Price:   £9.99

Printed Blank

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All DVD's are sent in a discreet plain package with just your address on the front


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